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The T-Shirt industry sure has changed a lot since 2009. We have seen many companies come and go, but the best survive by being innovative. Tee Spring was never a huge player years ago, but they created a model that truly transformed the way shirts are sold.

Creating something new takes time and effort and a lot of the work that goes into a new brand centers around designing a logo, designing a new website, creating marketing materials, and even, a brand “personality”. We love what JGWZ Media has done with their site, totally rethinking it from the ground up. This kind of innovation allows people to see what kind of company you truly are.

A lot of designers will look to the work of others, whether that be on Behance, or Dribbble, but the best draw on their experiences.

Knowing your own style and the way you present what you are showcasing, allows you to have a better grasp of your own capabilities.

It is also important to think about what your longterm goals are. Not just at an individual level, but also as a company. Will part of the money you make from selling tees go to charity? Do you hold events that help those you in your community. These types of questions get you thinking about the tone of your company. Charity and outreach should never be done just for show, it should be because you truly want to as an individual or company.

We are regrowing Take a Tee, and we know it will take time. We want this site to be a place where we can share information and help people better themselves. If you have any questions, reach out on our /contact page.

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